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Spanish Cleaning Products

Spanish cleaning products are some of the best in the world and are now available across the UK. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, we can provide a wide range of products from detergents and floor cleaners to hand sanitiser and surface cleaners. We stock some of the top brands when it comes to Spanish cleaning products, including Asevi, Brumol and Witches and we can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Why Choose Spanish Cleaning Products

Spain is known for its quality of cleaning products. They not only smell fresh but they clean deep too. People who live part-time or holiday in Spain have long been bringing these kinds of products home with them. The reason? They clean better than many products you find on supermarket shelves today and they smell fantastic. Now you can order Spanish cleaning products from the comfort of your own home and find out what the fuss is all about. We’re pretty sure that once you’ve tried a top Spanish brand that you won’t want to go back.

Spanish Cleaning Products for Homeowners

If you want to keep your home looking and smelling fresh all through the year, choosing the right cleaning products is essential. Our range of floor cleaners is a step above the average ones you find in-store and they’re highly popular. With all the worry over Covid recently, most us understand that keeping surfaces hygienically clean is critical. In our online store, you’ll find a whole host of washing detergents, laundry perfumes, surface sanitisers and stain removers in addition to cleaning products – in fact, everything you need to keep your household in sparkling condition.

Products for Businesses

We don’t just sell our amazing Spanish cleaning products to homeowners around the UK. We’re popular with businesses of all sorts and we’ve even got cleaning companies on board who buy wholesale from us. • Our products can be relied on to keep your shop, restaurant, bar or office spotlessly clean at all times. • The fragrant nature of the brands we specially select for our customers sets them apart from the average cleaners you’ll find in high street stores and supermarkets. Many of our cleaning products come in concentrated versions, making them great value for money as well as long-lasting, perfect for busy companies around the UK. They’re safe to use and bring dull areas to a perfect shine in next to no time. If you want to keep your business looking as good as new and hygienically clean, then Spanish cleaning products should certainly be on your list.

Who Are La Lucca?

We’re a family-owned business based in the North West with access to some of the best Spanish cleaning products on the market today. We provide both direct and wholesale deliveries of a wide range of products as well as body and baby care brands such as Gotas and Nenuco. From our warehouse in Liverpool, we’re able to ship our products across the UK and around the world. If you’d like to find out more and see how our Spanish cleaning products can make a difference.

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